RAYDEN present the legendary LANparty Tradition  

LOCATION:   Hotel Schweizerhof*****, Bern
START:     Friday, 8th December 2000 - 16:00h
END:   Sunday, 10th December 2000 - 20:00h
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  - Quake 3 Arena 1on1 (Friday ca. 21:00h - Saturday ca. 15:00h)
  - Age of Empires 2 - Conquerors 2on2
(Friday ca. 21:00h - Sunday ca. 16:00h)
- Counterstrike 5on5  (Saturday ca. 15:00h - Sunday ca. 2:00h)
- Quake 3 Arena 4on4 TDM (Sunday ca. 13:00h - Sunday ca. 18:30h) 


  - Super Fluid Network with static IP's powered by Foundry Networks
  - MEGA NetGame Intranet Site
  - NetGame Essential Files
  - 10x GameServers 400MHz
  - NetGame Cinéma
  - 10 MBit Internet-Connection by Cablecom 
  - Free RED BULL for each player

Registred Peoplez
(Registrierungs und Zahlungsübersicht)
Schweizerhof (Bilder des Hotel Schweizerhof*****)
How to get there (Anfahrtsplan)
Location Overview (Sitzplan der Mega NetGame)
Network (Netzwerkplan)
Payment/Check-In (Zahlung und Anmeldung während der MEGA NetGame Convention)

by Inikon - Network Equipment (Networkmap coming soon)

- Tournament Prizes

- AoE2 Tournament Prizes

- 10 MBit Internet Connection

MIGROS-LOGO MIGROS AARE  75 Jahre MIGROS - 10x 400MHz GameServer

-one free RED BULL for each player!

- sponsors a Sharpbeamer

....more Infos like Tournament-Specifications follow soon!!