NetGame Convention II/2002  
=3rd Cybernaut Symposium=      

...accesstime for registration:
[03/04/2002 22:30:00h]

...symposium starttime:
[saturday 04/05/2002 10:00:00h]

...symposium endtime:
[sunday 05/05/2002 20:00:00h]

[zentrum wittigkofen; Bern]

...access fee:
[CHF 25.00]

...max cybernaut amount:

...estimated gamesubroutines used:
v1.3 (we use ONLY Counter-Strike 1.3); q3a v1.31; rtcw v1.31; aok2tc v1.0c; moh v1.11; ee v1.0.4.0; ut v4.36; avp2 v1.0.9.4 ; st:ef v1.2; t2 v24834; ss2 v1.0]

...cybernaut symposium features:
[comfortable location; separate sleep room; bar with food and beaverage (not sure yet); outrageous prizes for tournament winners; intranetserver; several gameservers;
300GB raid5 fileserver with 1000baseT GBit connection; nice ambience]

...local area network technologies:
[ highperformance backbone switch; 6 massive switches with uplinks (copper and fibre)] not miss this important lanparty event of switzerland

...sub end